• Real Roses that Never Wilt

About Us

Founded in Boston, MA in 2019. We're The Rose Maven, and we believe that roses should be more than just beautiful flowers—they should be an expression of love and joy that lasts. Roses are the gift of love, and that's why we've created preserved roses that look as beautiful on day one as day 365.

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A Work Of Art...


Client Reviews

Extremely satisfied with the quality and professionalism! The packaging and service is unmatched! I’ll definitely be ordering again!

I. Show

Client Reviews

My roses are still so red and pretty, put together so well and they really do last forever! Perfect gifts for your loved ones!

T. Rosa

Client Reviews

Great Customer service! Very friendly and very good with responding any questions or concerns! The arrangements are beautiful and definitely long lasting... Definitely a great addition to any special occasion and/or gift!

E. Pilier Arias

Client Reviews

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these roses! Elle does amazing work. I have had my roses for almost two months now, and they look the same as the day they arrived. They bring me so much joy everyday. I highly recommend!

Alyssa M

Client Reviews

Altamente recomendable! Superó mis expectativas el bouquet. Excelente servicio, muy buena comunicación, muy amable, detallista y sobretodo servicio a tiempo. Una forma bonita y diferente de preservar un detalle.

Karla S