The Rose Maven

Glass Coffin

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Express your gothic style with our unique glass coffin box. Within its captivating confines lie not mere flowers, but six genuine roses meticulously preserved to transcend time itself —designed with a functional hinged lid for optional open or closed display. A realm where elegance meets darkness, where craftsmanship embraces mystique. This piece will even make a great addition to your Halloween-themed décor.  The box is made of glass and copper.  Limited Edition.

Coffin Dimensions: 7.9'' x 4'' x 2.6'' (20.1cm x 10.16cm x 6.6cm)

Product Information: No watering necessary. Just leave your roses nestled in their box and out of direct sunlight, and they will stay fresh and stunning forever. Every rose is lovingly grown in Ecuador, and every arrangement is delicately hand-styled in the US.